Artist Spotlight – Andrew Kent

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For those in "the know" about all things Bellissimo the name Andrew Kent is a name one hears all the time in the store because of the simple fact that he is Terry's (Bellissimo's founder) older brother, uncle to her children and is a frequent visitor.   However, there is more to ol' Uncle Andy [...]

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DESIGNER FOCUS – Deborah Rhodes

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The Deborah Rhodes round, braided linen placemat has been a staple of the elegantly dressed table – whether it is set for a luncheon, dinner, or a BBQ – since Ms. Rhodes sewed her first one in the nineties, but her love of a dapper table setting began when she was a little girl in [...]

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#WCW 3/28/2018 Beata Henrichs Lieb of Hedgehouse

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They say that style is reflection of your attitude and personality, no wonder Beata Henrichs Leib’s brand Hedgehouse exudes cool just like its creator! Beata created Hedgehouse in 2011 because she was tired of her couches and pillows being ruined by little hands and the mess that often coincides with kids. After making a few [...]

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#WCW 3/7/2018 Pirie Jones Grossman

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Pirie, Pirie, Pirie… There is a mango called a Pirie, a Scottish clan, and a port in South Australia but there is only one Pirie Jones Grossman and we here in Ketchum/Sun Valley area are lucky enough to have this one in a million gal, with her one in a million name, centering our souls [...]

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#WCW 2/28/2018 – Chantal Westerman

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Chantal Westerman could be one of the most interesting women in the world. From her storied career with Good Morning America (ask her about her interview with the US men’s Volleyball team while they were naked!) to being a committed advocate for all animals, this woman has lived life to the fullest! This former Sexiest [...]