CULTI MILANO was born of an intuition from the eclectic mind of Alessandro Agrati: namely his perception, which was incredibly ahead of its time, that spaces and objects might have their own scent too; that it was possible to surround oneself with olfactory quality, in addition to beautiful things in pleasant rooms.


“The fragrance belongs to the individual, not the home. Highly personal, and therefore original.”
Original, just like the way the brand conceives its essences. Original, like the rattan stick diffuser invented in 1990. Original, like the personality of each of us. Refined fragrances that can be blended in a highly personal way, while remaining extremely delicate. Inimitable.


“We are Italian, from a country rich in unparalleled raw materials, which must be perceived.”
Nature offers inspiration, by creating wonders with very few ingredients. Incredibly uncomplicated fragrances in which one, superior quality main ingredient can be recognised, accompanied by a handful of others which either accentuate it or soften it.


“An object can be scented, as well as beautiful, to stimulate the senses.”
The extreme simplicity and elegance of the fragrance is carried through to the flacons and bottles with the shape of traditional milk bottles. These emblematic objects interweave the world of design with the sensory sphere.