A Glacce Bottle is the modern design of a crystal elixir & the best way to absorb perfect crystal energy.

A crystal elixir is created when crystals are added to water to revitalize it.

Water has memory and conciousness and when a crystal is placed in pure water, the energy of that crystal is transferred.

The word elixir stems from the Arabic word “al iksic” which means “miracle substance.” Crystal elixirs have been made in the homes of alternative healers for centuries and the use of these elixirs is referenced in ancient Greek & Chinese texts to cure specific ailments. The reason crystal elixirs have been a mystery for so long is because there has never been a simple, portable way to make one, until now!

The concept for Glacce Bottles came to Owner & Creator, Sharon Leslie in a dream. Her busy lifestyle required her to create crystal elixirs for on the go, drinking water out of mason jars with free floating crystals at the bottom. The issue she encountered was that the crystals would never stay put and would jingle around in the glass containers. This was problematic because of the noise – you could not be discrete and drink out of the jar but she also did not want to damage the beautiful crystals.

When she woke from her dream with the design for Glacce Bottles, she started making a prototype right away. Sharon was enchanted with the exact vision she saw in her head and now, after many prototypes, that vision has finally manifested into reality.