Provence platters are completely reconstructed from the ends of French Oak wine barrels. After aging wine for four seasons in the Bordeaux or California wine country, we disassemble and completely rebuild by hand in our workshop in upstate New York. They are planed and joined so that there is zero tolerance between the 8-9 planks making up each platter and held together with a sophisticated Swiss woodworking component called “biscuits.” This extra step eliminates cracks or serious warpage occuring. Provence platters are the Rolls Royce of the industry.

The platter is then coated three times with food safe beeswax to protect the wood. Each platter retains the original marks when it’s constructed for it’s original purpose, many popular marks that are available are: “Francois Freres,” “Seguin Moreau,” “Nadalie,” plus numerous other markings. The iron handles are forged in our Brooklyn workshop, every step by hand the old fashion way, heating the iron and hand bending in a series of jigs. This is a unique and one of a kind platter. The picture shown is a likeness. Each piece varies in terms of markings and exact patina.

Dimensions: 21″ – 23″ (inches) approx.