One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter. by Henry David Thoreau


Beautiful table top, gifts, art and original works is Bellissimo’s signature. From classic pieces added to a very distinctive aesthetic, the collections in our store are essential to creating and embellishing one’s home environment. “You must fall in love with everything you buy” is Bellissimo’s catch phrase. Celebrate your own identity in your home. Nothing has to match, just be in love with it!.

+ Unique Treasures
+ Fabulous Tabletop
+ Exquisite Home Decor
+ The Perfect Gift For Men & Women

We shop for our clientele as well as for ourselves. We have been in business so long that we have come to know our customers as family. We know the names of their children, grandchildren and of course, their Dogs.

Bellissimo is more that a shop. It is a living workshop of Art, Design, Gift and Décor, that continuously re-invents itself to flow with the changing seasons, the fluctuation of fashion and the eagle sharp eye of a proprietor who is always searching for that new little atelier, painter, or craftsman who is testing the boundaries of what has been done and wrapping it in a new beauty.

We love our store. It is a cabinet of curiosities from all over the globe. It is at once a fashion forward

statement and a peek into a favorite Aunties old hat box.

On any given day, you will find a re- merchandising project in full bloom along side a tete a tete over lattes, putting together the perfect trousseau for a new bride to be.

Bellissimo is a truly unique shopping experience. You might stop in for a birthday card and find your self snooping our nooks and crannies for hours… And for that we strive!


Tumi Travel Bags & Accessories

Product quality and selection are key attributes that have made TUMI the leading international business, accessory and travel lifestyle brand. Simply put, there is no other product made like TUMI. Must see here.


Kim Seybert Table Top Placesettings