“My childhood was filled with flower gardens displayed against houses, fences, bird baths, or took up the extra garden row. There was not a lot of planning to it, but an ordered chaos sort of beauty, a design aesthetic I still appreciate. I am inspired by and interested in passionate people, other artists and creators.”

-Tommy Mitchell



Tommy Mitchell’s gilded art is a reflection of his deep deep love of nature, of gardens and the calm after the chaos of a storm. He is  an unassuming quiet talent who lets his work speak for him. Gilded butterfly cigarette tables appear as though they are meant to launch lightly into flight. They are at once solid and liquid and air.

Gilded eucalyptus leaves gently blown from a nearby branch  are encased in lucite to serve as a coffee table worthy of a museum. His pieces are at once solid, liquid and air. Tommy Mitchell is a true talent. He is currently working on larger wall pieces that reflect the effulgent beauty of the natural world. We love Tommy. We think he will be a major figure in art. Bellissimo wants to be the rocket that helps launch  his success.