#WCW 3/28/2018 Beata Henrichs Lieb of Hedgehouse

They say that style is reflection of your attitude and personality, no wonder Beata Henrichs Leib’s brand Hedgehouse exudes cool just like its creator!

Beata created Hedgehouse in 2011 because she was tired of her couches and pillows being ruined by little hands and the mess that often coincides with kids. After making a few portable cushions for her kids to sit and play on, she realized that she had a life style brand on her hands – one that was a chic and stylish as she was!

Growing up around the Von Furstenberg’s – Tatiana, Alex, and Diane – during her formative years left a lasting impression on Baeta, as a person and an artist. Other influences are her family, of course, fashion, and all the fantastic places in the world like Majorca, Greece, Harbor Island and other glamorous but relaxed-vibe places, that one can see echoed in the brands’ easy, casual, but high-end style.

The throwbeds have a very turn of the century, French feel and use only the highest quality fabrics and are filled with down and fiber. The covers are machine washable and only weigh 4 pounds, making them ready for any possible activities one can think of. They are pure summer simplicity.

Beata is our Woman Crush this Wednesday. She is a mom who needed something, created it, did it the best, and did it beautifully. Which is something that we here at Bellissimo admire greatly.

Be sure to shop our selection of Hedgehouse and experience it for yourself!