#WCW 3/7/2018 Pirie Jones Grossman

Pirie, Pirie, Pirie…

There is a mango called a Pirie, a Scottish clan, and a port in South Australia but there is only one Pirie Jones Grossman and we here in Ketchum/Sun Valley area are lucky enough to have this one in a million gal, with her one in a million name, centering our souls in one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.

And this valley has benefited from this thoughtful, kind, and compassionate woman, let me tell you! In 2005 she helped in the process of bringing the presence and message of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to Idaho its children, 10, 000 of them in fact.

His message of peace and compassion resonated with all and Pirie carried that message forward, evident in her efforts in 2009 when she co-chaired the Special Olympics. Nine counties were represented and 3,000 Olympians competed right here in our valley. It was a wonderful event and this writer still has a hand knitted scarf as the ultimate keepsake.

Pirie is as caring as any human being I have spent time with. Her understanding of true service is an inspiration of the heart. I would work with her anytime again, as her integrity shines through her whole being.”

This “racer, chaser mom” of Saba and Beuy hasn’t slowed down since. Her innate spirituality has been fundamental spreading wellness through the creation of wellness festivals nationwide. As Terry says, “Think about it, isn’t this what we need right now in our country? People who can create a safe haven for children and adults in their hearts? That teach them how to be strong and be their ultimate selves?”

Well, that is our Pirie. A goddess filled with love for her children Saba and Buey and her love of friendship and family and the possessor of a heart on a continual quest to help people and fill them with her regard and compassion. This is why she is our Woman Crush this Wednesday.

Pirie. Remember that name because not only is it one you can’t forget but it is one you will hear it over and over again.