Chehoma Ascentielle a classic company from Europe with a penchant for the feeling of Alpine life of days gone by. Their dishes are a subtle creamy color with rich stencils of antique ski accessories. They can be served for a snack or a sit down gala for 20. Dress them up dress them down and relish the feeling of being part of a rich sporting tradition arriving from Europe in the form of yodeling Austrians in lace up boots.


It’s Winter! Snow is covering every inch of our lives and we snuggle under the covers a little deeper, dress a little bit more like the Czars of Russia and ski like the Dicken’s until our legs buckle under us from exhaustion. That is life in a ski town. First one in line at 8:30 and last one down the hill at the end of the day… and now you are famished. You could eat a horse! You bungle into the cabin dropping boots, mittens and goggles onto the mud room bench and rush to the kitchen, where Mom has a giant pot of Chicken noodle soup on the stove or a crock pot full of thick hearty Chili. You pull the Chehoma Ascentielle Ski bowls and Ski Pole plates out of the cupboard and fill them to the brim with a rich array of warm and nourishing flavors. Hot Chocolate with a giant marshmallow goes in the multi colored snowboarder mug and you are ready to  slurp, sip and slosh your way through lunch.