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Tsé Tsé

Tsé Tsé


Tsé & Tsé associés is a French design house, which since its launch in 1991 remains one of the rare independent creative companies. It was founded by two Parisian designers, Sigolène Prébois and Catherine Lévy. Prototypes are produced in their workshop at the Bastille in Paris, where certain parts are adapted to specific customer requests. Each object requires the search for quality manufacturers. The choice of noble materials favors artisanal know-how, quality and the lifespan of the objects. As a result, lamps, pieces of tableware or furniture are manufactured in small series, sometimes individually and rarely more than 1000 pieces per year. No piece is quite like another, these differences are a sign of the originality of Tsé & Tsé products.

The two designers first designed these objects for themselves, to live with in their home, as an everyday luxury.

For a long time, several Tsé & Tsé objects have been acquired by institutions such as the Georges Pompidou Museum of Modern Art or the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. More recently, the official Atout France agency paid them a vibrant tribute in an article devoted to "Design Made in France": "It is not surprising to discover that the country of Concorde, 4-color Bic pens or Tsé & Tsé vases, has positioned itself at the forefront of design!