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Qlocktwo Classic Creator's Edition 17.7"


QLOCKTWO displays time typographically in combination with four illuminated points. The words on the clock face change every five minutes. In each corner, illuminated points represent the minutes in between. The introductory words “IT IS“ can be switched on and off. In the selectable purist mode“, "IT IS“ is only displayed every half and full hour. Example: 7.18 am

The four buttons to set the QLOCKTWO CLASSIC CREATORS are positioned at the back of the clock. All the above mentioned functions can be selected using these buttons.

  • DIMENSIONS QLOCKTWO CLASSIC CREATORS (H × W × D): 17.71 x 17.71 in (45 x 45 cm)
  • WALL MOUNTING BRACKET DIMENSIONS (H × W × D): 9.45 x 9.45 in (24 × 24 cm)
  • DIMENSIONS ACRYLIC GLASS BASE (H × W × D): 5.5 x 5.5 in (14 × 14 cm)
  • WEIGHT: approx. 10.5 lbs (4.8 kg)
  • AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: 59° - 86° F (15° - 30° C)
  • USB POWER SUPPLY UNIT PORT: 100 V − 240 V ~/ 50/60 HZ, 200mA

METAMORPHITE, 350 to 400 million years of pressure had to be exerted until grey slate formed from clay slurry, which ultimately adorns the front of a QLOCKTWO. This fissile rock is still traditionally used for roof and facade construction. The unique, typical structure of the sedimentary rock creates an interesting interplay of colors with shades of grey and therefore makes every front cover of a QLOCKTWO CREATER'S EDITION METAMORPHITE unique.

SILVER & GOLD with an impressive 90 x 90 cm front cover is made of individual white gold leaves applied by hand and refined in an elaborate patination process. The white gold alloy (12 carat) consists of equal parts of silver and gold. The oxidizing silver part produces an irregular patina, which is fixed after receiving the desired coloring and gives the unique piece its random and therefore unique surface structure. Depending on the perspective and light situation, the front unfolds its warm, shimmering golden appearance, which resembles antique art finds.

VINTAGE COPPER A lively, unique surface. Inspired by the naturally patinated copper on roofs, sculptures and coins. The surface is fixed indelibly.  We managed to patinate copper in a way that gives every single object a completely unique surface meeting the high expectations of a CREATOR’S EDITION. In some places, you can sense the bright colors of the copper and others are reminiscent of a bluish green submarine world. The QLOCKTWO CREATOR’S EDITION VINTAGE COPPER provides a chance to tell the time and admire a unique piece of art.

GLINTSCAPE made of million-year-old sedimentary rock fascinates with a unique relief of random irregularities and a pearlescent surface. With its tones of green, red and gold, the object is reminiscent of an autumn landscape reflected in a sparkling lake. The precious natural stone enters into an extraordinary union with the poetic time display of the QLOCKTWO, creating a unique art object.

RUST with an impressive 90 x 90 cm front cover is created of raw steel which is rusted by hand in a complex procedure. Our artisans decide for every piece separately when it has reached a perfect surface and the most beautiful variants of red and brown tones – sometimes calm, sometimes lively, but always a unique piece.

GOLD with an impressive 90 x 90 cm front cover is made of a stainless steel surface which is covered with 24K gold leaves by hand. Edge by edge every cut-out letter is finished carefully, giving the front cover the typical gold leaf structure and ensuring a truly royal appearance.

PLATINUM The stainless steel surface of this PLATINUM is plated with platinum (Pt 999) by hand. Edge for edge, each letter cutout is processed. The mysterious dark shimmer gives the supposedly white platinum surface a special aura. The QLOCKTWO CREATOR'S EDITION PLATINUM will henceforth be available exclusively on a black body. Through the interaction of the white, gray and silver tones with the clear black contrast of the Black Body, the art object makes a clear statement for the luxury of deceleration in any room.


Sensors adjust the light automatically to ambient light conditions so that even at night the clock can be easily read. The brightness can also be adjusted manually.


When the seconds mode is activated – using the two buttons at the back of the clock – the seconds are displayed as large figures on the front matrix. In seconds mode the minute points in the corners are still viable.


With the QLOCKTWO FLASHSETTER it is even easier to set your QLOCKTWO. Alternatively, the time can also be set manually.


Arabic, Catalan, Swiss German, Chinese (standardized/traditional), Czech, German (Swabian dialect), German, Danish, English, Spanish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish.

Call the store, 208-726-0702 to order languages not currently available to order online.

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Qlocktwo Classic Creator's Edition 17.7"