Baobab Candle Story
Just like the baobabs overlooking the African savannah, Baobab Collection’s candles are known for their size and original designs. They are extraordinary objects providing an olfactory and aesthetic experience. Baobab Collection fi rst saw the light of day in 2002, in the enchanting landscape of Tanzania,a country rich in intense colours and bewitching perfumes. If the collections are inspired by faraway places and wild nature, it is in Belgium that the new creations are dreamed up, a small country recognized for its creativity, know-how and minimal chic. Baobab Collection’s candle creations are tales waiting to be discovered, sensory experiences that are the result of exquisite perfumes and aesthetic design.

Baobab Collection stays true to its values of craftsmanship and excellence by supporting European expertise and craftsmen. Our raw materials are selected with the greatest care:our mineral wax comes from Germany, our glass is from Poland, our leather is from Italy and our scents are created and perfected in Grasse. All of our candles are hand-poured into glass that is hand-blown by master craftsmen, making each one completely unique. A black ribbon with the brand’s logo is then added to every candle before it is wrapped in an elegant black box.

We became a reference in the industry offering fi ve sizes of handmade candles and diffusers. Of the fi ve sizes, the Maxi Max stands out as a statement piece befitting any interior. This unique model can light up your home for up to a thousand hours. Our current collections are inspired by the African heritage, the beauty of the precious gem and the shine of exclusive metals. In keeping with ever-changing trends, our creative team designs two limited edition collections every year in order to preserve a sense of wonder and surprise.

Around the World
We are continuously inspired by the world we live in to create modern and unique objects using the highest quality materials. This quest will not go unnoticed by interior designers or those who simply adore subtle fragrances. Both an olfactory experience and a stunning object, the Baobab Collection candle has a unique identity. From its flagship store in Brussels to the most prestigious department stores, the brand can be found in more than fi ve hundred locations worldwide. Baobab Collection decorates and embalms gorgeous interiors with the wisdom and spirit of a great traveler


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Baobab Candle Collection - BLACK PEARLS
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Baobab Candle Collection – BLACK PEARLS

Baobab Candle Collection Feathers Black & White
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Baobab Candle Collection – FEATHERS – BLACK & WHITE

Baobab Candle Collection - FILO GRIGIO
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Baobab Candle Collection – FILO GRIGIO

Baobab Candle Collection - FILO ORO
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Baobab Candle Collection – FILO ORO